Commitment Ceremonies $395.00

Commitment Ceremony- $395.00*

The term commitment ceremony refers to a ceremony which publicly or privately proclaims or affirms the commitment a couple is making to one another.

The only difference between this and a “regular” wedding is that a Commitment Ceremony does not create a legal marriage and there is no marriage certificate.

Why have a ceremony at all if it’s not legal, you might ask?

The ritual act of standing together, in front of family and friends proclaiming your love and dedication to each other can show others the seriousness of your relationship. It is also an important step in a loving relationship.

Whether you are a couple who do not wish to formalise your relationship, your perfect Commitment Ceremony reflects your history, philosophy and creativity as individuals and as a couple.

A Commitment Ceremony can, and often does, look just like a regular wedding. There is no reason why a couple cannot have all the traditions and rituals of a wedding, if they wish. Alternatively, you may wish to create a truly unique and non-traditional celebration of your love and unity. It’s all up to you!

Together, let’s craft a wonderful, meaning filled ceremony that expresses the most significant aspect of your lives, one that recognises the profound commitment you are making to each other as well as the sheer joy of the occasion.

I will create a ceremony that you, your family and friends will cherish as a remarkable experience and will remember for a lifetime

If you and your partner are looking to commit your relationship more formally, then look no further.
I can do a commitment ceremony for you that is tailored to suit your needs.