Our simple process

Your Wedding and My Involvement

It is very important that a ceremony will be created to reflect your relationship, your dreams, your desires and your beliefs.  Your Wedding Day can be casual or formal, traditional or contemporary. A Civil ceremony provides you the flexibility to choose your own ceremonial location, time and day.  It is important to remember and ensure that your ceremony is the most important part of the event of marriage as this is where you both declare your love for each other and unite as one.

Wedding Planning

I am happy to meet with both of you either at my office, in your home or at a mutually convenient location  to discuss your wedding  requirements and explain the required legal formalities.  If you decide on using my services, a booking and if required a second meeting will take place to complete the required legal paperwork.  I will present to you with a draft of ceremonies, readings, poems,music choices and vows that can be used as we build your ceremony or inspire you to write your own.

As your celebrant I will work together with you to create your a unique ceremony that is meaningful for you and your partner.  Family members can participate in the ceremony by delivering a reading or a poem. What ever you choose to include draft copies will be sent to you for approval. You will have unlimited contact support via email or phone until our draft copy is finalised and up to your wedding day.

The Rehearsal

A rehearsal at the location of the wedding should take place either a week prior or at least 2 days before the wedding date.  This is where we will rehearse the entering of the bridal party and the positioning.


Your Wedding Day

I will arrive approx 45 min  prior to the ceremony at the wedding location.  At this time I will check the necessary requirements, set up the table and chairs required for signing of the marriage certificates, chat with the groom and bridal party, liaise with your wedding planner, musicians or venue coordinators, and greet the Bride on her arrival. At the conclusion of your ceremony I will present you with your marriage certificate.

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