Renewal of Vows $495.00

Reaffirmation of Vows

Total Cost: $495.00 (All inclusive)

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony allows a reaffirmation of the love and bond between two people. A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is to celebrate the continuous commitment between a husband and wife.

Today, it is becoming quite popular for couples to renew their wedding vows, whether to celebrate a special anniversary, mark their transition through a difficult time or just to recognise their love for each other. With a Renewal of Vows Ceremony the couple is affirming that their love has weathered the test of time. It is a renewal of the promises and commitments they gave to each other on their wedding day and have built upon over the years. It is saying, I would marry you all over again.

So, whatever the reason you would like to have a Renewal of Vows Ceremony, I can help you put together a truly meaningful ceremony that expresses all that you have been through together and all that is still to come in your relationship.

Your ceremony may include stories, personalised vows, rituals and readings. I take these components of your life and relationships and construct a Renewal of Vows Ceremony that truly reflects your uniqueness as a couple.

I also provide a certificate to be signed at the ceremony by both partners, two witnesses and myself as a keepsake of your special day.

Your Renewal of Vows Ceremony will be a ceremony that will be remembered  for a lifetime.